Gotta catch ’em all!

PokeDuty will use your existing PagerDuty account to page you when a Pokémon you are after shows up in your neighborhood!

Add the PokeDuty add-on to your account, select what Pokémon you want to catch, and that's it.

See the instructions below for how to set up PokeDuty!

In PagerDuty, the incident will tell you where to go to catch the Pokémon!

Setup Instructions

  1. Add PokeDuty to your add-ons in your PagerDuty Account.

  2. You will need an API token to do this: please visit our documentation to generate a new API key.

    Run the following command in a terminal window to add PokeDuty to your PagerDuty account.

    curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/vnd.pagerduty+json;version=2' --header 'Authorization: Token token=YOUR_SUPER_SECRET_API_TOKEN' -d '{
      "addon": {
        "type": "full_page_addon",
        "name": "PokeDuty",
        "src": "https://pokeduty.herokuapp.com/app"
    }' 'https://api.pagerduty.com/addons'
  3. Go to your PokeDuty settings (Add-ons -> PokeDuty).

  4. Put the map pointer on your location, put in the integration key from one of your PagerDuty services to alert on.

  5. Select the Pokémon you would like to receive alerts for.

  6. Click "Submit"